GoldenEye 007 FC5 - Silo - 00 Agent (Fan Remake)

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Fourth level of Krollywood's fan remake of GoldenEye inside Far Cry 5's Arcade Editor, Silo! Another great looking recreation of the Silo level. I love the extra small sections like the intro where you have to blow up the wall and can see a bit of the outside. In this video we can see how doors are Bond's worst enemy too.

This is faithful recreation of the full GoldenEye campaign (excluding the bonus levels) within the limits of the Far Cry 5 level editor. Played on PC in 4K 60FPS with Ultra settings and minimal HUD settings. Featuring the dynamic soundtrack composed by Yannick Zenhäusern AKA GoldenZen's from the cancelled GoldenEye 25 project.

You can play this on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. All you need is Far Cry 5 then search for the maps in the Arcade mode. You can see all the names in the first seconds of this video.

Huge thanks to @Yannick Zenhäusern for letting me use "The Janus Files" soundtrack for this! Check out his amazing work and buy this album here -

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