Gixxer Naked 250 (Fun Time with Beasty )

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No vlogging, no just pure adrenaline Man and Machine pushing their limits.
One of the most fun we've had in recent times. The rhythm is and the bike feels like it's running on rails.
We've worked on the suspensions settings a bit on this run and we think it plays hugely. Giving us the confidence to push more on the braking hard and opening the throttle early. It's finally working great with the new tyres we've fitted ( Apollo Alpha H1).
The only spoil sport is the spongy front brake, which is I'm afraid one of the common occurrence in the BS-4 Gixxer Naked 250.
No amount of bleeding the hydraulic fluid could cure the and yes we tried changing the master cylinder with a new one. It still doesn't work. We'll try to get to the bottom of this
In the mean enjoy the
Hope you'll enjoy this as much as we did shooting ????????
Note:- This video was shot on 4thJanuary 2020 and we've gone and fitted a new tyre ( TVS Eurogrip Protorque Extreme) but, we haven't fix the brake problems yet. We'll post an update soon on the brakes.
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