Flying Bat Robot Transform Car Robot Games 2021 - Android Gameplay

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The city needs a transforming war to maintain peace and rule of law. The mayor has called the special forces with transforming robotics to shoot’em up with advanced weapons. Don’t let the aliens stop you. In this real robot transformation game with robot car transforming and flying bat you can play as a furious enemy of mech warriros to save the city from alien invasion in robot car games. Prove yourself as an ultimate bat robot and use different strategies & tactics to emerge victorious from final transform war! Get yourself armed, check all engines and rush into the merciless fight with other mech warriors in car robot games. Show the true power of a devastating ball to your enemies.

Features of Flying Bat Robot Transform Car Robot Games 2021:
- Multi robot models with multiple transformations
- Ultimate robot car featuring adventurous missions
- Intuitive touch controls with high quality graphics
- Incredible flying robot bat controls for immersive gameplay
- Use special powers to eliminate car robot transformation
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