FLOATiNG BALL PiT inside the POOL!! Adley and Niko play underwater & a surprise for new Triplets

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Best Ball Pit Pool Day Ever 1176

We have a great idea!! Instead of doing our regular morning routine, Adley, Niko Bear, and I decide to take all the ball pit balls we have in and put them in the swimming pool!! Everyone is so excited they can't help but throw the balls and jump in them. We have to clean them up like 5 times so we can take them into the backyard. Oh, but we also have to show you the brand new slide that Niko invented.

We push the button to open the hot tub and watch as the steam rushes out in the cold morning air. It's then time to dump all the balls in the water, making the coolest ball pit swimming pool ever! None of us can wait, we all jump in and start swimming around and playing. We grab the water vlog and swim underwater to see how cool they look from below. Niko Bear loves jumping in to the balls, Adley loves swimming with them and I just love the memories we are making. Adley at one point goes running off into the trampoline that is covered in snow before doing a cannon ball into the hot tub! The kiddos also make the worlds first snowman in a hot tub!! So much fun!!

Back inside its crafts time! Today isn't just for fun, we are making home made cards and drawings for our amazing friends Pookie and Jamie. You guys remember Pookie from the spacestation! Well they just had triplets!! Three super cute baby girls!! So we are going to surprise them by leaving diapers, supplies, and gifts for them so they can have an amazing time when they bring the kiddos home from the hospital. We snag Holladay and his wife to help out and set up one of the best presents we've ever done! We also get a Niko update before it's time to sneak over and set up the ultimate baby surprise!! Congratulations Pookie and Jamie, we love you!!

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