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Robbie is a married mom of three adult children, an empty nester who considers stopping drinking her greatest accomplishment. On today’s episode, this Certified Naked Mind Senior Coach gets vulnerable as she lets us into her world and shares her drinking and quitting journey, from motherhood to what ultimately led her to become a coach. She and Annie talk about how to identify when alcohol becomes “a thing” for you, when it becomes “your thing” -- what are the guideposts, where is the shift, and how do you know it has happened? They also talk about what Annie calls “The Rapunzel Syndrome” as it relates to drinking and so many other things in life.

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Highlights of Robbie’s Drinking and Quitting Journey
Robbie does an amazing job of sharing her drinking and quitting journey. Tune in as she discusses –

her relationship with her rock – her husband
not being a big drinker until her 30s
how trauma increased her drinking
overcoming anxiety and depression on her drinking and quitting journey
Discovering The Alcohol Experiment
Finding what’s meaningful
Becoming a This Naked Mind Coach
Rapunzel syndrome

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