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Download Among Us PC + Full Game Crack for Free.
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About the game:
Among Us crack is a fun multiplayer video game for 4-10 people that pits two groups against each other: the crew members of a spaceship, and two impostors, whose only mission is to kill the rest of their "companions". The other players, of course, must do their best to discover the impostors before being defeated. This Innersloth game bets on colorful 2D graphics, and is based on a board game whose mechanics are exactly the same.

The success of Among Us is more than palpable, the game has once again had tremendous popularity and the game's servers continue to smoke. At first, they count on the InnerSloth page, they couldn't play when there were 30-50 players, but now there are between 70,000 and 110,000 players per hour. Therefore, if the servers close, they claim that the source code will open so that players can make them work.

Among Us download free takes two years to sale, started out as a small multiplayer that has grown and grown, that took 2 months and a total rework, then 6 more months per map. That's why Among Us 2 aims to be constantly growing, the entire first game will be included, but not all three maps directly. Although they think it's good to keep playing the imposter, they want to make changes and balances, such as that 3 impostors need more than 10 players, so 12-15 players is a must.

Although they know it's best to include roles, although for now they can only say that there will be more complexity than just Team and Imposter, which will also add replayability. Because they want it to be played as soon as possible, they'll start with little in Early Access to keep adding more things to Among Us for feedback.

While fulfilling their final task, players in Among Us must perform various missions related to the work on the ship. If there is suspicion, or someone has discovered something, meetings can be convened to even vote whether or not someone is an impostor. Among Us is available on PC, iOS and Android. Among Us Download Free above!

It will cost extra, but as there have been many new players they offer certain things - although they do not yet know if it will be possible - so that the players of now do not leave the ship. Launch with a discount coupon for those who already have Among Us on Steam, make Among Us 2 on mobiles for free with ads that can be removed, have great updated content like maps and game modes - without making mistakes from the past - and add in-game currency for cosmetics.

Among Us download will carry the same and even more. First it will reach PC and then it will be ported to mobiles. Servers smoke, in the last 72 hours the million concurrent players have been reached.



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CPU: SSE2 instruction set support
OS: Windows 7 SP1+

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