DFFOO GL (Keeper of Fate CHAOS Challenge Quest) Machina LD, Rem, Cid

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Leviathan summon,

Notes: Machina is EX+3LB with his LD, bloom passives, enhancement boards, and the following spheres - his and Gabranth's RF sphere. Rem is EX+3LB with her bloom passive and her WoI. Cid is EX+0LB

Wave 1: Humbaba x2 (completed on turn 20)
Wave 2: Marilith Tempest x2 (completed on turn 77)

Score: 1002K

The strategy for the team comp that I used for the challenge quest is much easier compared to the original run. Just get Machina to use his LD and attack like crazy. Avoid breaks since the Marilith and Humbaba can gain lots of BRV or delay your character a lot if that happens. Make use of Rem's turn swap to get into a favourable position. You can keep on swapping turns with Machina and see him shave like a boss.

For Cid, he gets a very nice rework and hits pretty decent even at EX+0LB. Get his buffs up (Jump and Dragoon). Use his abilities when the coast is clear and his EX when his recast gauge is up. His Dragoon Drive can dispel buffs so use them if the boss put its Max BRV and ATK buffs. You can use his Boost Jump when he is targeted or the boss is targeting All. The rework version does HP attack as well
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