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Daily Twitch clips. No drama.

0:00 mafk - senior citizen enjoys street music
0:20 sodapoppin - meets a fun group of kkonas
1:06 atrioc - doesnt enjoy zoomer media kekw
1:24 lirik - is a gamer
1:37 nmplol - and malena make an interesting shape on their map
2:00 nymn - calls it
2:22 scream - 1v4 cluth
2:52 esl_sc2 - reynor beats maru, one of the best terrans in the world. he went on to win the championship.
3:19 hossworth - drifting into the sunset
3:59 sodapoppin - makes some new friends
4:39 aris - lulw
5:02 jaystreazy - meets some cute puppies
5:31 sashagrey - gets introduced to copypasta
6:06 justaminx - accidently makes chat voting a little cooler
6:22 joeykaotyk - breaks it down
6:44 knut - spending some time at his cabin with his two dogs and family

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