Daddy Nursing Baby Monkey Calvin Before Go To Bed

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Daddy Nursing Baby Monkey Calvin Before Go To Bed

Welcome To Life's Monkey Channel!

Objective: This Channel If About To Update All Monkey Life That Living In Siem Reap City Of Cambodia.
Mission: Daily Update About Monkey Life , Rescue Monkey That Need Help Or Monkey That Injured In Any Ways And Will Keep Good Communicate With All Authority And Other NGOs Who Can Help Us To Protect Monkey.
Vision: To Make Sure That All Monkey Lived In Siem Reap Will Growing.

There Are 5 Troop Living Around Angkor Area:
- Carbzilla Troop : Living Outside Of Angkor Wat Temple Along The Street From South To East
- Milla Troop: Live Inside Angkor Wat Temple Area
- Amber Troop: Along The Way To Bayong Temple From Basey Cham Kong Temple To Baphoun Temple (King Mark, Alpha Daisy)
- Amarri Troop: Live In Land Of Amber Troop And Always Escape From Amber Troop Normally Stay Around Babyong Temple (King Skiipy, Alphal Dolly)
Titus Troop: New Troop Just Found Have A Few Member Live Near Phrah Palilai Temple (King Titus)
And Other 2 or 3 Troop Don't Have Name They Don't Like People And We Always Call Them Jungle Troop.

If You Have Any Concern Please Contact Us By:
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Please subscribe my channel and enjoyed daily update of Monkey Mola, please don't hesitate to correct me if i do something wrong or make a mistake.

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