Coronavirus: White House holds briefing after crowds gather over July 4 holiday weekend | FULL

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany addressed the media on Monday, following the Independence Day holiday weekend. McEnany reiterated key parts of President Donald Trump's July 4 address during her briefing, then took questions.

During the briefing, when asked about whether the president supports flying the Confederate flag, McEnany defended Trump's earlier tweet where he wrote that NASCAR is seeing lower ratings, in his view, in part because of banning the use of the Confederate flag. She said that the president was trying to say that NASCAR fans aren't racist, and that the reporter "mischaracterized" the tweet.

Also, McEnany said that President Donald Trump's statement that 99 per cent of COVID-19 cases were "harmless" was "rooted in science" because his administration has succeeded in keeping the country's coronavirus mortality rate "very low."

The briefing comes after Trump's campaign announced that he is expected to hold an outdoor rally Saturday in Portsmouth, The campaign rally at Portsmouth International Airport will come three weeks after an indoor rally in Tulsa, the president’s first of the COVID-19 era, drew a smaller-than-expected crowd amid concerns of rising infections in the region.

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