Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Walkthrough Part 2 New World || PC Gameplay Full HD 60FPS

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Hey guys this video is the Part 2 Walkthrough gameplay of Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 on PC .The 2nd mission of this game is New World . In this mission player undergo surgery, rehabilitation, and training for potential induction into the Winslow Accord Cyber Soldier program. The player is given advanced cybernetic enhancements and is guided by Taylor and his team on the basics. Taylor guides the player on a terrorist attack in 2054 that resulted in network for the Coalescence being intervened.

Mission Details :-
The Player awakes aboard a train in the year, 2054 with John Taylor in the seat in from of them. The train explodes after a conversation with Taylor, who explains that the Player is in the hospital awaiting for surgery. In addition, he tells the Player that they were connected with a Direct Neural Interface, and that what they are experiencing is a simulation within Zürich, Switzerland.
Taylor tells the Player that a terrorist cell caused the explosion, and early of that day Zürich Security Forces took action, but failed. The Player is than simulated to a Steel Mill and guided by Sebastian Diaz. The Player learns how to use their tactical mode, how to wall run, and to remote hijack computer systems and drone units. Going into the control room, grunts launch from their pads as the Player experiences a trigger of memories of the grunt injuring the Player in Ethiopia. Diaz aids the Player on that memory triggers happen often, but can be fixed by the doctors to meds. The Player hacks into the console, and that Xavier Hirtzel was responsible.
The Player is simulated to Hirtzel's escape in the High Rise Apartments, and is greeted and guided by Sarah Hall. Hirtzel is hacking into the ZSF Talons, as the Player reveals that Hirtzel has an DNI as well. In addition, the Player unlocks cyber ability; system paralysis onto drones. The Player catches Hirtzel, but the latter dies from fall. Hall tells the Player to purge their DNI into Hirtzel, but warns them that the victim will become brain dead. Once interfaced, the Player learns the cell are at the Old Train Tunnels to plan their attack.
Simulated to the tracks, Peter Maretti guides the Player with two cyber abilities, immolation and firefly swarm, noting that although firearms are the go-to choice in a firefight, using DNI will truly be the better weapon. Maretti also warns the Player is not immortal, and that a bullet to the head will send them to their maker. Making it to the console, the Player learns that the terrorist cell hacked the robot grunts onboard to bypass train security and load the explosives that caused the explosion.
The Player returns back to the train, guided this time by Taylor, and is given minutes to stop the explosion. The Player learns to use takedown by melee and air stomping grunts. The Player makes it to the explosives, but cannot stop it because there is not enough time. The Player, by Taylor's words learns that the train is a maglev, and simply disconnects it from the rest by reversing the polarity on just the car he/she was in. The explosion kicks off, as Taylor informs them that the explosion was going to happen, he simply tested them to see what they are willing to sacrifice.
The Player awakes in the hospital, seeing firstly a bandana and a woman leaving. Taylor and an "unidentified man" speak as Taylor informs the Player that Hendricks has signed up for the project as well despite not being injured on the mission.

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