Call Her Daddy Podcast Drama: Why Sofia Franklyn is SMARTER than YOU think

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The Call Her Daddy Podcast with hosts Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn has been going through a ton of drama recently. The main root of the problem is that Alex and Sofia are unable to come to terms on how much money they deserve from Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy.

Sofia and Alex were unable to develop a unified front on this issue because Sofia was unwilling to budge on her view that they deserved EVERYTHING when it came to Call Her Daddy. Her view was DEFINITELY influenced by her "suitman" boyfriend Peter Nelson, an HBO executive who clearly wants a slice of the Call Her Daddy pie.

A lot of people think that Sofia Franklyn mishandled this whole situation and that it is her fault for the epic Call Her Daddy breakup. However, in this video I'll explain why she's actually smart to fight for full ownership over her personal branding efforts.

What do you think? Is Sofia Franklyn smart or foolish?

My name is Kevin Von James. I run an Influencer Consulting Agency called Personal Brand God ????

My goal = transform YOU into a Personal Brand God :)


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