Caleb OPENS PRETEND PLAY BALLOON STORE ???? Caleb is the BOSS of MOM & DAD at the FUNNY Balloon Stor

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Calebs FUNNY BALLOON STORE Pretend PLAY! Caleb is the BOSS of MOM & DAD at crazy Balloons STORE!

caleb is the balloon store boss and he fired mom and dad!

Let's Be Friends: ​​​

Hi Guys!! Welcome to Caleb Kids Show where we love to play with Balloons! Today I am selling balloons in my balloon store but I have so many balloons to air up! I need help at my balloon shop called Calebs Balloon Store. Here is where I air up the balloons and deliver them to my customers, but there are too many balloons! So I needed to hire some people to help me with the balloon shop!! I put a help wanted sign up and waited to interview some people!! There sure some crazy interesting people that wanted to work at my shop. I met a blue haired guy who loves to blow up balloons, a mom who always talked on her phone and then a funny dad that I ended up hiring to help me out. im so glad I had help but some of them thought I was a crazy boss who loves to bark orders!! Luckily we ended up getting the balloons aired up so we could deliver them to our customers. It sure was a fun and crazy day! We love playing together!! Thanks A for Adley for the fun idea to make our own crazy balloon store!

CALEB's FUNNY BALLOON STORE! Caleb is the BOSS! Mom & Dad pretend play new shopping game w/ balloons

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BYE Friends!

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