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Bandicam Crack is a powerful and new software that allows you to capture professional video from a desktop screen and game environment with the latest DirectX / OpenGL technologies. One of the great features of Bandicam Crack software is that it prepares videos with the highest possible resolution and the highest compression rates.

This software use hardware accelerator technology to provides you with the best performance during video game recording. Bandicam supports all of the graphics hardware encoders such as Nvidia® CUDA / NVENC , Intel® Quick Sync video and AMD APP In addition, Bandicam software can also take a screenshot from your desired section and save them in JPG, PNG, or GIF formats.
Bandicam Features:
• Capable of filming with DirectX / OpenGL technologies
• The volume of prepared videos is much less than the videos provided by other software
• Sharing videos recorded at 720p / 1080p
• Ability to record full time and non-stop
• Ability to record 4K Ultra HD quality
• Low CPU/ GPU / HDD resources usage
• And many more.

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