Ashytn's wedding shower

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** Mike attended Ashytn's wedding shower to help out and serve in any way he could and to assist in making it a special day for her.

** Not to be confused with the actual wedding next week. Hope you guys enjoy a look into our private lives ????

** How about that time I put 2 separate clips in of the "liberal pole" ???? ????‍♂️ ????‍♂️
Life is

** Keep in mind that theses videos are So if you want to be up to date and follow me around with what's going on and short clips of either breakdowns, screw ups, and random Mike Also, Ashtyn and I have been touring around Saskatchewan, those photos and lenses will only be on Patreon. So head over to check it ???? click on this link and follow me on Patreon.

Oh, and once you are in the Fendt tiers and up, you also watch the YouTube videos early and ad free (and that's nice) ????‍♂️????

Otherwise, stay awesome! ????.
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