Armies of Exigo - Empire 08 - Desperate Rescue

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Armies of Exigo is a real-time strategy game from 2004 that shares many similarities with Warcraft 3, while also introducing some new and unique mechanics. Many fans of the genre consider Armies of Exigo to be a hidden gem largely forgotten to time.

Seventy years before the game's opening, a longstanding peace was shattered by an event that came to be known as The Rage. Hordes of Beastmen and their allies poured into the Human, Elf, and Gnome-run Empire, nearly destroying it, and crippling their own forces in the process. Seven decades later, the wounds have yet to fully heal. The Empire has only recently begun to rebuild itself while the Beasts, disunited and fractious, have slowly reunited under the leadership of Tyron, a battered war veteran who wishes to recreate the confederation of tribes that existed during The Rage, and exterminate the Humans, Elves, and Gnomes who humiliated his clansmen. In the meantime, a new threat has emerged, crawling out from the bowels of the earth. Hoping to take advantage of the discord between The Empire and the Beasts, The Fallen—an alliance of Deep Elves and extradimensional invaders—have come out of hiding and seek to overrun the world.

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