[Animenz Transcription + Sheets] to the beginning - Fate/Zero Season 2 OP

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Transcription of Animenz's new arrangement, to the beginning from Fate/Zero (Season 2) by Kalafina! I'm tired from all the stuff that I have to do on top of this transcription so I'm too lazy to type out a long description right now.

So well, here we go.


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If you ever have any issues downloading sheets just message or email me personally and I can send it to you directly!

I am phasing out of providing publicly accessible files for mscz, sib, mxl, and mid! If you would still like access to these files, please contact me personally! In addition, any previous existing instances of these files will NOT be removed, so don't worry about the older arrangements!


Song/曲名: to the beginning
Anime/アニメ: Fate/Zero 2nd Season

Original Artist/アーティスト: Kalafina
Arranged by/アレンジ: Animenz


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this playable?
A: all jokes aside, all my arrangements are made to be played by one person!

Q: My hands can't reach that far! How is this possible?
A: All my arrangements can be played if you can reach a 10th (C to next octave E). If there is a stretch that seems longer than that, consider using the other hand, or possibly the sustain pedal! Keep in mind that my Synthesia videos are based on my sheets, so the colours may not match the hand it's supposed to be played with.


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