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Problematic - Angel Vs Demon ()

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Behind The Scenes Video For "AVD Part 3"

Beat Produced By: Trunxkz Beatz
Mixed and Mastered by: Adam Lewis
Directed by: Problematic
Cover Art: Nathan Carter
Edited by: Nathan Carter
Colorist: Nathan Carter

Angel Vs Demon (Part 3)

C’mon just finally take my hand
We can end it all today
Your family
Your friends
They’ll forget about you soon enough
No I will not give in
No matter what it
I told myself

Verse 1:
You know you and I man we are one of the same
I’ve been numb for so long I’m not feeling no pain
And from my last breakup I ain’t trusting again
I’ve been caught in deep thought its been picking my brain
I know this isn’t a game but I just cannot restrain
When my mind blacks out its a dangerous thang
I know I shouldn’t complain but Im still stuck in the past
You mean those times that you dreaded
Getting picked on in class?
All those times that you cheated
Karma finding your ass?!
It’s ironic still alone when you’re writing your raps
guess you got a point
Not denying the facts
See you’re far from a saint
Your whole world’s gonna crash
Your life is a joke take a glare in the mirror
Take a real hard look like “Lucifers Here!”
Not imposing a threat or something I fear
I’ve been through it all before don’t try to compare (Nah)

I hate the person I become when I am sober
These demons in my mind I feel em taking over
You’re needing an escape before I turn you fatal
Just take my hand tonight and be my falling angel
My fallen angel
Fallen angel
Just take my hand tonight and be my fallen angel
I hate the person I become when I am sober
These demons in my mind I feel em taking over

Verse 2:
It’s evident you’ve been loathing in doubt
Since your best friend died you’ve been stuck in a drought
Thinking death might be my only way out?
We can finally end the pain
No more crying about
No more sappy sad songs or questioning your worth
Put Chu right where you belong your mom hated you at birth
Only proud of you right now because the fame is on the verge
That’s a bitter pill to swallow ain’t nobody put you first
Im thinking of the people that depending on me
And I’m thinking about the future what I’m really gon’ be
Im protected at all costs “Eye Of God’ is on my hand
Whatchu tryna be a hero? Fu*king superman?!
Hold up
You ain’t on the right path
Your suicide thoughts
Sense em’ coming right back
I will repent be forgiven for my sins
But chu live a nightmare and its never gonna end! (Huh)

Dear God I need help I’ve been drowning
A constant battle always Angel Vs Demon
So tired of being tired
Don’t wanna be alone
Just c’mon give me your soul
I’ll show you which way to go
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