Acrylic Pouring Zebra Skin | Black & White Loom Fluid Art!

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???? Acrylic Pouring through 4 Looms with Black and White Paint.
For the Fluid Art Paints - I used my standard Acrylic Pouring Recipe but i added some Satin enamel to the White, as well as Ice Gold acrylic, which has small flecks of gold glitter. The end result provides a softer white with more texture and subtle detail.

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00:00 - Intro
00:20 - Acrylic Pouring starts layering black and white acrylic
02:15 - Acrylic Pouring Stretch and Tilt the Acrylic Paint
02:47 - Acrylic Pouring Close up results
03:13 - Acrylic Pouring Final Results

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