8-Bit Book Club: Mapping the Commodore 64

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Continuing on with the "Book Club" series, it's another of my favourite C64 books. Let's take a tour of the Commodore 64 with this excellent memory map.

Mapping the C64 on :

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0:00 Intro
2:25 Comparing the two versions
4:08 Foreword
6:25 What Is a Memory Map?
9:05 Introduction
11:07 Chapter 1: Page 0
20:57 Chapter 2: Page 1
21:49 Chapter 3: Pages 2 & 3: BASIC and Kernal Working Storage
24:14 Chapter 4: 1K to 40K: Screen Memory, Sprite Pointers, and BASIC Program Text
25:52 Chapter 5: 8K BASIC ROM and 4K Free RAM
27:42 Chapter 6: VIC-II, SID, I/O Devices, Color RAM, and Character ROM
37:01 Chapter 7: 8K Operating System Kernal ROM
40:57 Chapter 8: GEOS
42:30 Appendices
44:17 Thanks to my patrons!
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