7 BEST Books That Speed UP The Law of Attraction (MUST WATCH)

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Welcome to the 7 BEST Books That SPEED UP The Law of Attraction! This video's going to be a ton of fun. Over the last 3 years, I’ve read over 200 books. Some books multiple times. You get MORE benefit re-reading GOOD books than you do new ones. Remember, your subconscious mind is only influenced VIA one of two ways: Emotion or Repetition. So in this video Want to give you 7 that I think are WELL worth re-reading. These are seven books on spirituality, law of attraction, manifesting, etc that I promise you haven't heard of before! And NO, “the secret” is not on here. Use these 7 books to speed up manifestations and Law of attraction!


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0:00 OSHO
1:20 The Untethered Soul
3:17 Science of Getting Rich
5:28 Paramahansa Yogananda
6:58 Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
7:55 The Law of Attraction
9:22 The Power of Now
10:30 Your FREE Gift!

BIG IDEA: Most grow in age, not maturity. “Age is just a number” all know people who are 25-years old but fight like an eight-year-old! or look at culture less mature than most flexing, egoic, competition (IG FLEX). Ascending in maturity is the real goal - takes self-awareness and confidence to walk your own path.

Recommended to me personally by Dean G who had it recommended to him by Tony Robbins. BIG IDEA: You are NOT your thoughts - get beyond yourself. Silence the mind, not get rid of it.

BIG IDEA: You must do things in a certain order/way to get rich! What you think about you bring about. Calls the universe “Formless substance” - Competitive mind and creative Mind are jux opposed. Tapping into the creative mind (abundance) is where riches are created. Must GIVE more than you receive ( Employee in job receiving less (money, knowledge, learning, appreciation) under-valued and leave!

Steve Jobs gave a copy to everyone at his funeral. Would re-read every single year. Follows the journey of Paramahansa Yogananda getting enlightened. Fascinating! Story-driven.

Highly recommend getting this one on Audible! You can get it for FREE here ➡ (affiliate)

3. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Dr. Joe Dispenza
Talks about everything from brainwaves, states of being, quantum view of change, read it you’ll see where been getting a ton of content/ideas past couple months from!

2. The Law of Attraction - Abraham Hicks
Written like a Q + A format. Goes over the 3 parts to the law of attraction: LOA, Science of Deliberate creation, Art of Allowing — Equally as important like a triangle.

1. The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle
Past/Present is a LIE. Experience both here now. FUTURE SELF - guidance to the current self

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➡ 10 BIG IDEAS: Becoming Supernatural
➡ 10 BIG IDEAS: The Power of Now
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