2021 Visualization Mind Movie

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I usually create a vision board in the beginning of the new year and this time I decided to create a movie with images, video and sound of my vision board.

When you combine visual and sound together it magnifies the manifestation. The law of attraction and the law of manifesting is all about tapping into the frequency of your energetic soul and visualizing what is possible for you.

When creating a vision board, you are sending a message to the Universe that you are ready to receive and when the Universe gets that message and is aligned with your true desire it will start to move the wheels to bring it into fruition.

Now it doesn't work very well if you just look at it everyday as if it was a photo that was just nice to look at. It requires you to put feelings into it and really embody that life that you desire. That is why I feel that looking at a video of your life will be so powerful. I've manifested so much in my life with the power of visualization that I've become a master at it.

I used a very simple free tool to create this. If you want to learn how to do this I am finishing up a free video on how I created my Visualization Mind Movie :) and I will share the link to it soon.
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