13 Random Video Clips of Our Life in the #Philippines

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Here's a collage of 13 random video clips put together to paint a picture of our life here in the Philippines. If I get time, I'll add the time stamps, but here are the topics:

1: Fresh Corn and Bootleg Hammer Tapes
2. Squealing Like a Pig Rice Cooker
3. Filipina Wife #1 Eats My Fish Bait (Minnows)
4. Microphone Test Interview of Wife #1
5. Garbage Man Riding Shotgun
6. Filipinas Can Sleep Anywhere
7. Evening Walk by the Mountain
8. Tour of a $62 USD Per Month Apartment
9. 2 Beautiful Filipinas
10. Wash Board Demonstration
11. Videoke Machine Demonstration
12. "Babysitting"
13. Forrest G.'s Hot Tub and Swimming Pool

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