1.15/1.16 Astral Sorcery Pt5 -Bit-By-Bit- Magic Wands????

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This mod is renewed from older versions! What is it? It allows you to progress through several magical astronomical inspired magics to become the pinnacle of Astral Sorcery! This episode shows you the path to get to the next chapter as well as Celestial Gateways. This is part of a series that will take you through all the aspects of it so that you can have a better understanding of everything this mod has to offer. At the time of this video, Astral Sorcery is only available on Minecraft and is under development for future versions.

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Mod Dev: HellFirePvP
Support HellfirePvP here:
Art: wiiv & VulpTheHorseDog
Support wiiv here:
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0:00 Intro
1:46 Traversal Wand & Starlight Charge
5:41 Impulsion Wand
7:44 Formation Wand - Line to Player & Functions
12:13 Formation Wand - Player to Block
14:23 Formation Wand - Horizontal Plane
16:22 Formation Wand - Vertical Plane
17:07 Formation Wand - Sphere
18:05 Formation Wand - Hollow Sphere
18:45 Conversion Wand

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