[04/15/2021] gartic phone with mods and subs, what could go wrong? | just chilling | browsing reddit

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the one where michael steals sonic's rings. what could go wrong? the mods can be trusted, right? needless to say, i was never invited to gartic phone ever again after this.

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00:00:00 just chatting, last cup of coffee teaser, browsing reddit
00:29:46 garlic foam with viewers, speedy regret, garlic phone with subs
01:18:38 garlic foam with mods
01:33:29 garlic foam with mods and subs (standard)
02:22:40 garlic foam with mods and subs (knockoff), everything is money
03:05:11 garlic foam w mods and subs (sandwich), things get sus & matrixy & jett rides a fish

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